About Wrap Portal

The Wrap Portal is a complete RMIS (Risk Management Information System) for OCIP/CCIP Administration that allows administrators to focus on the completion and accuracy of paperwork instead of basic data entry and processing freeing them for other critical duties. NourTek’s revolutionary system allows stake holders to directly input their information into the system so that administrators simply have to review and approve their entries. Furthermore, the integrated communication and calendaring features make it a breeze to alert any stakeholders to missing items and upcoming deadlines.

Wrap Portal Features Include:

  • The ability to manage multiple projects using a single interface.
  • Simple self enrollment for all stake holders.
  • Bank Grade Security.
  • Access to your OCIP administration portal from any internet enabled device including your smart phone and tablet.
  • Integrated fax and email components that pull in items from your inbox and automatically file them according to their project.
  • Smart Forms that automatically file approved forms based on the data entered.
  • Flexible reporting features that allow you to analyze only the data you need.
  • The ability generate and track ACORD certificates automatically.
  • Automated alerts delivered via email, SMS, and even batch mailing.
  • Tools to easily track contractor and safety compliance issues.
  • And Much Much More!

To find out more about the RMIS OCIP administration product that is changing the world of construction as we know it, visit our website to learn more.


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